Embedded solutions for harsh environment

Our history is dive computers and marin sensors, have extensive experience in BLE, LoRa, Ultrasonic, Wifi, IoT sensors, Marine sensors. Everything we do focus on energy consumtion and cost of production. We would love to talk to you to see how we can help you. 

Building products for marine use requires a well functioning design process. Every aspect of the product, from sealing to ease of use needs focus.

We design the whole product so that is will work in the middle of the vinds, waves and weather.

Rapid prototyping

A key activity is to quickly test design and features. We have the inhouse resources to quickly build a prototype and test them to understand the best ways to design the product

Power efficiency

The typica product we design communicate with other produtcs over a wireless or wired interface. But we also rely on a very limited power source from solarcells to small batteries. Therefor we put a lot of effort in to optimizing the enery efficiency, also when the product is communicating.

Design for manufacturing

Last but not least we also put a lot of effort into making sure that the product can be produced in an efficient way. This applies to everything from choosing the right components to designing a hull that can be assembled at a low cost.


A few snapshots from our development